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Thoughts Along The River by MasKOfFlaminTwilight
Thoughts Along The River
Natsume and his Sensei (the cutie chubby cat XD) letting themselves being taken away by the slow flowing of a clear river...the ideal situation to meditate, while papers still unwritten take flight in the wind...heading to a future still unknown :)
Spiritual Wings by MasKOfFlaminTwilight
Spiritual Wings
Aru, the young magician with a flaming (literally ;) ) spirit, from manhwa (Korean manga) Magical J X R...with his power and will, he surely can fly high :D
Seven Of Hearts by MasKOfFlaminTwilight
Seven Of Hearts
Back with manga/anime/videogame style too :D
From left to right: the heroes Goofy and Donald Duck, Aqua and Mickey Mouse, Riku and Sora...and then...don't let his kawaii appearance fool you! That kitten is a Chirithy, a powerful Dream-Eater!
All together through the challenges of the Kingdom :)
Derek Jupiter - Weasel Rock You! by MasKOfFlaminTwilight
Derek Jupiter - Weasel Rock You!
Hello I'm back :D
I was on holiday, then I had some problems with my phones...the usual things 😁
However, here I am with a new realistic attempt...he's Derek Jupiter (played by Steve Valentine) the singer of the fictional band Iron Weasel, from sit-com I'm In The Band. I watched it in the last two weeks...and I love this man, he's funny and has a great voice...not to mention he's hot 😍
But Iron Weasel all could be a fictional band, but they can ROCK 🎸🎤🎶!!! As their anthem says, Weasel Rock You ;)
Drawn with mechanical pencil, probably one of my (if not my) best realistics ever
Sinister Heritage by MasKOfFlaminTwilight
Sinister Heritage
Poor Chise, she looks kinda scared...but after all, you don't know what could ever happen when you're the apprentice and beloved one of a powerful wizard as Elias is :)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
21 years old

I've always liked drawing. I've been drawing since I was a child, and I'm here on Deviantart to watch some beautiful Art and learn new techniques from the works I see. I'm completely self-taught, and this is my method, I guess:)
I'm a traditional artist, very passionate in fantasy and gothic subjects, manga and anime style and portraits. I know, I know so well there are many and many Artists very much better than me, but I however hope my Art could be recognized for the passion I put in it, and that it could make someone happy. No matter if I have one fan or one billion, I will draw with the same passion, for myself and for the ones that will like my works.
I wish I could become a mangaka one day. The road is long, but nobody and nothing can steal me my dream.
I'm also a writer (prose and poetry), a guitarist (electric and classical), a singer, and I like photography and acting.
I also would like to became a famous writer and to play my instrument in a metal band. Music is one of the most important things to me, because it gives another dimension to my Soul, permitting me to find and explain through the notes concepts and thoughts that are too painful or hard to express with words.

I have Asperger Syndrome, that is my gift and my damnation.

Personal quote: "Only becoming conscious of your limits you'll get the power to overcome them".

Favourite genres of Music: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, Folk Metal, Folk Rock, Progressive Metal, Progressive rock, Glam Metal, Glam Rock, Thrash Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal (expecially with symphonic/melodic/classical influences) Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Rock'N'Roll, AOR, J-Rock, J-Pop, Visual Kei; I also like Classical, Ambient, New Age, Celtic, Ethnic/Traditional Music from the whole world (expecially Asia), Flamenco, Blues, Rhythm'N'Blues and Jazz. Ok, maybe I like too much generes, but 'til they're all awesome, why should I choose? :)

Favourite hobbies: reading books (expecially fantasy, gothic, fanta-horror and science-fiction), comics and manga; watching movies, cartoons and anime; listening to Music, playing guitar and singing, composing Music (sometimes I try it:)); drawing, writing books, stories and poetry. Taking photos. Acting (when it happens) and disguising (obviouvsly I love good cosplays). I also do some sport, like running and biking.

Favourite art styles: traditional (pencils, markers, china, biro and watercolour) and something digital, and beautiful photographies. I like fantasy, gothic, steampunk and manga/anime Art, portraits of people or animals and oniric landscapes and scenes.I also like Romantic Art and ancient Greek, Japanese and Chinese Art.

Favourite colours: Blue, violet (all their shades) and black, but being an Artist I gotta love them all :)

Favourite animals: As domesticated ones, cats, hamsters, fishes and rabbits; as wild ones wolves, foxes, wild felines, eagles, owls and similiar and reptiles.

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